Crucifix in Marburg

You can’t crucify Jesus again.

Did you hear that government officials of various nations are defying God, redefining marriage, and calling His people bigots when they don’t agree?

Guess what? It doesn’t actually change the nature of Christian marriage when the Supreme Court of the U. S. A. or Canada says marriage can include unions forbidden by God. It doesn’t detract from my freedom to believe in God. It doesn’t change the way we value true marriage and family. It doesn’t change the love God has for all of us, no matter what sins we have committed.

What it does change is the future of those who defy God, unless they also repent and follow Jesus Christ. Do you hear laughter from Heaven? Has it occurred to anyone just how sadly funny the thought of defying God is? Stand clear, because the Supreme Judge of the Universe has so much power that He can afford to delay His judgement because of His mercy and love. Just don’t think that judgement will never come on those who reject Him and His Son.

There is still time to accept God’s free gift of forgiveness and eternal life. This offer is open to all, no matter what sins you may have committed, be they worshiping false gods, stealing, coveting what isn’t yours, murder, abortion, hatred, sexual immorality, lust, or whatever you have done. You know it is wrong because of the conviction of the Holy Spirit, and no change of human law can take the conviction and guilt away. There is a cure for sin, though, and it is in the sacrifice Jesus Christ made of Himself on the cross. He took the full punishment for all of our sin. All we have to do is accept that forgiveness, turn from our wicked ways, and follow Him. When we do, Father God will forgive us, help us to walk in His ways, and restore our joy and peace.

It is a process. There is opposition– sometimes deadly opposition, but no human can kill your spirit.

Rejoice! We win! Jesus Christ rose from the dead, and so will we who follow Him!


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