Gun violence: what changed?

Gun 007

Like most people, I am concerned about the increasing murder rate. This is especially disturbing when murders taking place in schools, theaters, shopping malls, public transportation, etc., even in places that used to be low crime areas.

What happened? Why now? What changed? Guns have not become more accessible. If anything, gun restrictions have increased, even in the U. S. A., which has a “right to bear arms” written into its constitution.

What really changed? Could it be the lower value we place on life, legalizing the murder of unborn children and calling it “women’s health care”? Surely the blood of the holocaust of babies killed in the United States alone cries out to God day and night. Or is it a rise in mental instability caused by glorification of sexual sin in our culture? Or a complete loss of our moral compasses by worshiping idols of our own design instead of the true living and loving God?

If someone has no murder in his heart, he won’t use a gun, knife, poison, or any other means to murder someone. If someone has murder in his heart, any weapon, legal or illegal, can be used to kill people. If it makes you feel better, crusade in vain against guns. Or collect them. Whatever. That isn’t the issue. The issue is a matter of the heart and spiritual health. When someone is full of God’s love, they don’t go around committing murder. They follow God’s law, because they genuinely love God and love their neighbors.

Remember the Ten Commandments? They are good for society.



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